sâmbătă, 5 septembrie 2015

General dos games issues and workarounds

Atention to dos games, verify them with your anti-virus program.
Check online, if the game really works in dos.

It is great if the game has letters to be pushed by the keyboard. Even better if they have a mouse pointer to. Might and magic Xeen has booth.

Setup the game for sounds trough dosbox turbo and than run it trough dosbox turbo or dosbox manager.
Making some winrar files on my android phone and using the winrar from the android device, doesen't copy the .tmp file (temporary file) from the game eye of the beholder or the "DAY" folder from jagged alliance deadly games. I wait for the winrar developer answer. Either way, check the number of files from the archive and compare them with you game folder. Don't bother counting the ones in subfolders. The above files mentioned have not been in subfolders.
If you want, enter the winrar archive of your game, check all files and unrar, to know what files and how many do you have in the archive.

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