Game: Doom
  Developer: id Software

Publisher: GT Interactive Software
Year: 1993
Genre: First Person Shooter
Players: single - multiplayer

Doom is a fps game where you, the main protagonist battle the forces of hell, on mars.

Dosboxturbo config :

mount d: /storage/sdcard1/dos/
cd dooms

Dosboxturbo advice :

Dosbox turbo is using "l.ctrl" for fire with the dos game Doom. But in reality, Doom uses the default "ctrl". Switch with that. The "arrows", "escape", "enter" and "spacebar" keys are used in Dosbox turbo. Quit by exiting dosbox turbo by swipe and using the virtual keyboard. Press "Y" and than exit dosbox turbo the proper way, trough his menu. Don't forget that you don't click "Manual Mode" (Disable over-write of dosbox.conf), or it will overwrite anything you do, to default. In Autoexec, put the above "Dosboxturbo config". Above, dos and dooms are folders and doom is the executable file. sdcard1 is your external storage.

Dos game info :

Doom controls

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