joi, 16 februarie 2017

Big Blue Disk

Developer : Softdisk Publishing
Publisher : Softdisk Publishing
Platform : Dos
Year : 1986 - 1998
Genre : disk magazine

It is a program as a disk magazine, in floppy diskettes and cd, which presented news, games reviews as in form of a virtual pc magazine.

Dosboxturbo config example :

mount d: /storage/sdcard1/dos/
cd bbd01

Controls :
- d-pad keys

Cycles :
- auto

miercuri, 8 februarie 2017

Deselect "Experimental low latency audio" if a game audio stutter


If you enable "Experimental low latency audio" in the game Wasteland, it may cause weird stuttering sounds, and the letters from the dialog will scrool faster. If you disable it, from dosbox manager or dosbox turbo, the weird sound will disapear and the letters will scrool slower.

Deselect "Map DPad to Input Device" if a game menu is not working

If the game up and down movement in the menu or in the game doesen't work, deselect "Map DPad to Input Device" option from dosbox manager or dosbox turbo.

Select "Map DPad to Input Device" if a game menu is eratic

If the game up and down movement in the menu is eratic (ex. Cdogs), select "Map DPad to Input Device" option from dosbox manager or dosbox turbo.

How to fix Gold Box Engine games save path error

 A Gold Box Engine game is a game made by SSI company. They were many rpg wich share a look-a-like like Ultima, on a Dungeons and Dragons setting.
Gold Box
In a Gold Box Engine game delete your game file .cfg (not your dosboxturbo .cfg) and it will ask you questions regarding sound in your game setup and than press enter for the default path. It will save in the right folder of your game, even if your game say a different game save path, when it is asking you for the default.
Or modify the .cfg (which is buck.cfg) and write :
Than, it will make a save folder with for your save files.
The first sentence i wrote here, about sound setup, may not be necesary for other Gold engine games, if it doesen't require sound setup.

sâmbătă, 4 februarie 2017

Ideas for dosbox turbo

- Shortcut of a dos game to android screen. This will allow to have games shortcuts to your android phone screen, like in windows, when you are using dosbox turbo
- Add user skins
- Add user themes
- Add user buttons
- A zoom option. I know this is not conform with Dos, so it may not be done, maybe
- Different warnings added
- More shortcuts, than the one in the upper bar of the screen
- Add a "take screenshot" and "video recording" option
- Add a copy/paste by touch

These will be dosbox turbo dependent, not dos game/program. Your game/program will do what is programed to do.

vineri, 3 februarie 2017

Kriss Asick from pixelships, advice about pixel drawing

I make, as a hobby, sprite drawings. Being in the begining, i asked a well known dos game reviewer, gamer and dos game 3.1 game developer, Kriss Asick, from the below site and youtube channel, about some advice.

Best pixel art advice is to get yourself a good pixel pusher, magnify your image in the program, and just draw stuff. The reason it's called "pixel" art is because you're plopping pixels in individually and then essentially shaping what you're drawing as you go along, kinda like if it were possible to sculpt with paint. :B
His site :
His youtube channel :