Dosbox turbo, dosbox manager and GamePad issues

 Dosbox turbo and dosbox manager

Dir command writen in dosbox turbo doesen't show all the files from your game folder. No problem for folders with a few files.

Don't rename again your profile in dosbox manager after you made one. It will remove his .cfg file from "com.fishstix.dosboxlauncher" folder inside your "android" folder.

"Auto cycles 100 %" message covers the screen in booth dosbox turbo and dosbox manager, in landscape mode, thus some warning messages from different situations are not visible. Could be moved, disabled/enabled on will or a transparent color.

Dosbox turbo loses the mapping option of GamePad, after you are going for the second time in the respective game or just when you try and check again the respective game mapping option in dosbox manager. Just be sure that before entering the dosbox manager, use the GamePad keyboard and not your android keyboard.

Dosbox manager doesen't have a exit button, only dosbox turbo has.

After removing some game profiles, the sorting of letters (game names sorted by A to Z) will sometimes get messed up in dosbox manager. Just sort it up again.

In program landscape mode of dosbox manager (you still need to turn around the phone manually) the view is sometimes shrinked on its sides, depending on the game. Go to Settings Menu - Screen Scaling. Uncheck Keep Aspect Ration. Now the view is fine.

If starting a game in single player/multiplayer and exiting dosbox turbo by the program, it will not exit sometimes. Put the program in the backround and close it that way.

If choosing a game in dosbox manager, switches to another game, just restart dosbox turbo or dosbox manager, depending on what are you using at the moment. This happens rarely.

Sometimes pressing "Add Button Mapping" in Dosbox manager, doesen't work.

Putting your phone in landscape mode (phisically turning your phone) or putting your phone in the backround and up later, clears your new "Map Custom Button 6" or other number, when you press "Add Button Mapping" in Dosbox manager. It will work if you just don't put your program in the backround and don't phisically turn around your phone when you do this.

If you renamed a second time a .cfg, for example Hommam 2 after hom 2, for example, you will see that rarely, you cannot run the game under dosbox manager.

Dosboxturbo sometimes doesen't support other cycles. It resolves only when connected to internet. Now it is fixed by the developer.

Dosbox and dosbox turbo doesen't remember the previous cycle. Only "auto". Now it is fixed by the developer.

If the first and last letter from a folder name is the same, cd command doesen't work when changing directories for the folder trough command line.

Examples :

If you have a setup of a dos program/game and install the game in a folder, be sure not to rename the folder after that or it can give a error through commandline when you run your exe file. Doesen't help if you change the name
of your profile or change the .cfg path to match the new renamed folder.


If using GamePad keyboard and the keyboard doesen't move its arrows up or down, to setup sound/network ingame,restart dosbox turbo or dosbox manager, depending on what are you using at the moment. I find this unacceptable.

Using GamePad keyboard, doesen't show it, just the default android keyboard. This doesen't happen often, GamePad keyboard appearing after a wile, if this problem occurs.

Using your race game with the dpad from dosbox turbo GamePad, doesen't work with all the GamePad buttons. But this depends on the game. For example i use joystick mode and it is great for Indianapolis.

Keyboard ocupy the whole screen in landscape mode.

Other problems

If a connection warning appears in a multiplayer game, use your router closer to your mobile/netbook.

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