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Copy and modify or make a dosbox manager profile for your game

The good :

If copying a default profile and than renaming to what you want, how the executable is named, it will be simpler, thus a ipotetical named cfg name is made, but not the real cfg file. Thus, you must than exit and copy a already cfg file, rename the cfg/modify the cfg lines, so that your game will run. Copy your game cfg in Android - data folder - com.fishstix.dosbox folder and com.fishstix.dosboxlauncher folder. This folders are made by installing the program, not by you.
But if you copy a already made game profile, which is diffent than to copy a default profile, a bad thing will happen.

The bad :
Now, when you copy and run a profile, it will revert to the original profile, because it is remembering and keeps his original cfg lines.
Just exist and modify your game cfg from android dosbox launcher from android internal folder, so it will launch the game and not other one. Is a bit of a hassle, but that is the way dosbox manager works. Either this or use dosbox turbo and type away only in the console. Booth programs are made by the same developer either way.

The best :

No, not the ugly :) 
If you make a new profile :

Click in dosbox manager the right upper "+" sign (don't touch the default profile or copy a existing one, like i did talk about it).
A new profile is made. Give it a name (Example : Carnage is easy to write and remember, as carnage. exe is in the game folder). Click "DosBox Settings" and click "Autoexec" if you want the to put the mount commands (mount lines).
Or after clicking + and "Edit Config" and "Dosbox Settings" in dosbox turbo manager, click "Manual Mode", to use, if you want, from within dosbox turbo manager, "Edit Config File". The cfg file goes in your Android - data - com.fishstix.dosbox folder and in Android - data - com.fishstix.dosboxlauncher folder

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