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Program: Digism
Developer: Ken Silverman
Publisher: Ken Silverman
Platform : Dos
Year: 1993
Genre: sound converter/player

It is a dos program that converts/play .sm and .snd files, which are sound files, to .wav files, another sound files.

 Controls :

- Use the keyboard

Cycles :

- auto


virtual bacterium A-Life

 Be sure to have DOS4GW.exe, which eliminates the 640 KB conventional memory limit

Program : virtual bacterium A-Life
Developer : Tom Dobrowolsky
Publisher : Tom Dobrowolsky
Platform : Dos
Year : 1999
Genre : simulation program

A 2d celular type random life simulator.

Dosbox turbo advice :

Cycles depends on the speed you want.

 Controls :

- Click B, which represents space. Click a second time to randomize.
More info below.

Cycles :

- auto, more or less

moonedit site is down.

Google translate from polish to english, which is not perfect :

.oo l E and F Oo.
                - Simulation of life komrek

      by Tom Dobrowolski 08.1999

I. The essence of life komrkowego

0. Basics

Life komrek a continuously changing.
Ran slowly getting larger territory and gather si By creating AD models.
Their life consists of several basic processes, such as:
movement, rozmnaanie, odywianie, aging and dying.

Have two parameters: age and energy.
It uses its energy for all vital processes and their result
It is passed surroundings (conventionally in the form of heat).
rdem energy znw environment, energy ktrego constantly Ron
(Conventionally above measures influence the world - warming)
If energy environment Staa lay out bya byby closed
and ALSO population komrek Staa.
Thanks to the increase of energy to fine the population slowly Ron.

The aim is to master the growing population to strengthen their territory by Increasing
liczebnoci as a result of breeding.

The program did not use any random numbers generators, life is komrek
completely deterministic and each time (with the same initiation)
will rozwijao si same!

1. Initiation

Stan pocztkowy BANK Adding one komrka, relatively high energy, capable
to produce (as a result of propagation) without additional quantities of energy are set forth komrek.

2. If you mix and odywianie

Komrki of larger power (stronger) move more quickly.
Komrek The aim is to get the greatest possible amount of power and propagating a
to this end, they can connect to a inn at the same time komrk sumujc energy,
ments This is the process of nutrition.
Yes wic these KTRE move more quickly (strong) try to catch up with a
slower (sabe) and eventually nastpuje poarcie komrki sabszej,
which he has become a course do their best to escape.

4. Rozmnaanie

The process rozmnoenia nastpuje when the komrka has energy requirements
and it consists in dividing a komrki.
An emerging new komrki of total energy rwnej energy komrki parent
(The amount depends on the dimension: 2d - 4 3d - 6, 4d - 8)

Example 2D:

 (4) -> (1) (1)

(E) - komrka energy "e"

After rozmnoeniu, komrek is more but there are sabsze, so try out for energy ...
cay and the cycle is repeated from the beginning.

5. Aging and Dying

Natural process zachodzcym the internal structure komrek is aging,
This is the simplest pointer age komrki, who Ron in time.
The process of dying nastpuje within a certain age and consists in passing (gradual)
a power setting in turn leads to the disintegration of komrki.
Because dying komrki not isolate out too much from others controlled the
no other komrek and wic without nutrition no sentence together wystarczajcej
amount of power needed to rozmnoenia.

II. program Description

1. Control:

Space - accelerated development mode (without preview)
Enter - arrest and browsing of previous movements / resume action

In viewing mode (remembers a limited number of movements backwards):
<> - The action forward / backward
<< (Two times "<") - at the beginning
>> - End
Shift + <Shift> - frame by frame
/ - Stop

F1 - powrt to the initial state

cursors - move a camera
gray "+" gray "-" - rapprochement

1 - change kolorw
2 - change ksztatu komrek
3 - kind of blurring (blur)
4 - info (T = time, and P = population)

In 3D and 4D
q, a, z, x - rotating
w, s - Featured wsprzdnej With 4D

2. Parameters:

life.exe <file with the state komrek> <target time simulation> <q - text mode>

life grow
 - Reads (if the file already exists) and saves the state of the simulation file grow
life grow 10000 q
 - Simulation in text mode performed until 10000


Program : voxel water effect
Developer : Tomasz Dobrowolski
Publisher : Tomasz Dobrowolski
Platform : Dos
Year : 1998
Genre : simulation program

A water simulator with waves.

Dosbox turbo advice :

Cycles depends on the speed you want to move the waves.

Controls :

- See the below translation

Cycles :

- auto, more or less

moonedit site is down.

Google translate from polish to english, which is not perfect :

- Water effect -
 by Tomasz Dobrowolski

This effect is based on the well-known algorithm of water, but it looks a little better;)
This is because the water is displayed in a different way than I have seen it in other
implementations ...
The surface water is generated voxelowo and is transparent,
you can see through her bottom (which is distortion) and added simple
lighting of the side of the stage ...

At the bottom you can see a small white pointer - the place from which begin Aug. do waves,
You can move the mouse and the buttons do waves (left-lines still, right-droplets).
Also implemented a few interesting effects (keys 1-5):
2-waterfall (say)
3-sine wave
4.5-large droplets (something like boiling water)

Enter'em button to switch between the two modes: bottom + lighting and clean-voxelowy.

At startup (water.exe) can be given parameters:
other texture of the bottom (it must be pcx sized 128x128 and the palette of smooth transitions !!!)
-p uses a pallet of pcxa
filter - water parameters

Have fun.

water.exe - glowny file
env.pcx - standard bottom
runme.bat - runs water.exe without any parameters
blood.bat - red water (you can say the blood)
blood.pcx - texture to "blood"
stawik.bat - water with a higher parameter of wave propagation
stawik.flt - filter
 (You can change the parameters of the water, but I did it quite stupid ... and not even describe how; (
  like someone wants to let himself wykapuje - and so you can not get other effects ...)

marți, 14 martie 2017

Just made a paper poster with Simcity 2000 editor

 The image of the paper poster

The original image saved is a .pcx, here saved as .png
Either way, is a 63 color image saved from the editor, for printing.

I bought Simcity 2000 edition speciale, which is a french edition. SCURK is the game editor which lets you modd or make from scratch buildings. The image of the poster is not very good, as my phone doesn't capture well some times :) I don't know all the french words but i am happy :)