miercuri, 23 octombrie 2019

Extracting System Shock pallete and using Pixly on android

You must read first here :

                                             Click edit and you will get some options.

Rename pallete

Switch colors
When you click a color on the right, it will highlight
and change on the left.

                                                                Auto-organize colors

                                                                         Here, R.G.B.

The above drawing was made with the Kingpin : Life of crime .pal file.
The file extracted is from the System Shock forum.
 System Shock forum
Thank you, Gawain.

marți, 22 octombrie 2019

Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games (16-02-2017 test)

                                                              Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

The game takes you to experience the life of mercenaries in single player mode, it has multiplayer too, which is interesting. The graphics reminds me of Sudden Strike, for some reason. If you like turn based strategy games, you will like this.
Sounds are good, but sometimes the music has a high pitch which is rather annoying.
Using setsound.exe works, but every time, only right before or after starting a mission, the sound volume must be raised from none to which you prefer. Thus, the voice mission sound long before the mission starts, cannot be heard.
Animations and sound are fluid.

This was among the first game review, different from what how i do it now.

joi, 17 octombrie 2019

Rail King toy train, tree logs cables mod

After you insert your chosen cotton thread in the bottom holes, you put small paper pieces under the thread to protect the plastic logs and to paint the cotton thread as a cable.

Anyone has information about Command & Conquer : Alerte Rouge : Missions Taïga ?

I acquire it from a thrift shop. I will post images. But no info in english online.
In the french wikipedia :
Westwood développe ensuite deux extensions en coopération avec Intelligent Games, Missions Taïga et Missions M.A.D., publiées respectivement en avril et septembre 1997.

This means :
 Westwood then develops two extensions in cooperation with Intelligent Games , Taiga Missions and MAD Missions , published respectively in April and September 1997

luni, 7 octombrie 2019

Parris bolt action rifle toy to Karabiner 98k modding (part 1)

I plan on repairing and modding it to make it look like a Karabiner 98k.

The toy gun is a 1:54 gun scale and i found it broken in half with no striper ammo clip and the wood smells like a fir tree.
The other half.

The first position of the bolt.

The second position of the bolt.

A ,,third,, position. A metal wood screw was inserted, so this ,,third,, was not posible this way with the screw inside the toy (the bolt action is a bit far away on the back this way to be normal).

On top of the other (the left hole goes over the right one) the parts where pined with a metal wood screw, scratching the wood inside.

Two cilinder places for mounting a telescopic sight are available, but the telescopic sight is missing. I may do a post-apocaliptic Karabiner 98k.

The trigger guard and its area is made from a metal or metal alloy.  The cartridge magazine will have to be hidden, to become a Karabiner 98k toy.

The trigger is not a metal or metal alloy.

Metal barrel with orange plastic tip removed, no iron sights. Rust was found inside, but you can clean it with machine oil and than protect it by painting it black. You can use oil base paint.

The front of the orange tip.

A cleaning rod my brother made, with a soft (some sort of bottle brush for hobby projects) and a hard surface (hot glue) on its ends. Another one will be made later on.

The soft end.
The cleaning rod hard part.

The upper bolt action areas is detached from the main wood frame.

The lower view.

My brother came with the idea that i may use a string and not the orginal (maybe original) wood screw. The wood screw moved inside until it reached a diagonal position (cartridge removal bolt position).
In the end, it doesen't hold for long. The string became loose.

I didn't find its original cartridge magazine, so i will try to make one from a laundry tong with a nerf ammo on top. On it and on the laundry tong, bits of magnets will be added to hold it on place, but the bolt action extractor will get and trow the nerf ammo away.

If i will choose not to use the laundry tong, i will put a small magnet on the nerf ammo on either ends, so the extractor (with a magnet) will extract it.

joi, 12 septembrie 2019

Pushing down/side/up a bracket from a 478 socket

I could only push down/side and up a bracket from the 478 socket. The second bracket below the first it is easy to remove (not shown in the video), but the 3 and 4 tend to keep push down the first bracket again at random.
I had to remove the motherboard without removing the power cable and restart/sound cables etc. to acces the other two brackets and remove them from the CPU.
You just put the motherboard on some paper pieces, on a parquet board, which sits on the horizontal PC tower (not shown in the video).

I got inspired by the below video, but it is rather low in light and with some mistakes (He/she dind't explained the moves etc.)
Installation and removal of obsolete Intel S478 heatsink

joi, 8 august 2019

Using a mouse (Marvo Scorpion M302) with Wii console

I have a Marvo Scorpion M302. In the Wii console, using The Homebrew Channel with dosbox, the speed depends on your dosbox .cfg.
In this game, Blood and magic, right click enters a mission.

Make a miniature cape

 Using a flat hand file, file your crammed paper.

The random cape can be used for your miniature or used as a rug. Toughen it up with dilluted white glue (not showned here) and let it dry.

vineri, 10 mai 2019

Rotating type toy

I only kept the small parts, which have metal bits (the metal small rods inside). I can use them on a keychain or if i
i put a magnet with its polarity somehow, will make the plastic toy head to move.

miercuri, 3 aprilie 2019

Rawwrite works on windows 7 ultimate

The program write images to floopy disks, for you to install Linux

PLoP Boot manager (a boot manager) image file was written

Works in windows 7 ultimate without any compatibility put in

Toys found outside

I will start a new topic in this blog, ,,Hardware found outside,,.                                                                      Regardless if i keep them or not.

vineri, 29 martie 2019

Hardware found outside

                                                I will start a new topic in this blog, ,,Hardware found outside,,.
                                                                     Regardless if i keep them or not.

joi, 7 martie 2019

Patreon topics will be moved here

Patreon topics will be moved here. In the future, locked topics will remain there and in this blog, topics will remain free.


Or if you want, you have the ,,Donate,, button on the right bottom, because the color yellow of the text detracts from reading the topics, i moved it.