sâmbătă, 28 ianuarie 2017

Modify your cfg file for playing a game

Example in a cfg file, which is a text file in your phone :

mount d: /storage/sdcard1/dos/
cd dooms

I know i talked about below in the link, for multiplayer, which is the same but more lines added.
Server hosting and joining in ipx and netbios

marți, 24 ianuarie 2017

Eforie North (resort on the Black Sea shore) Culture house monitor and keyboard

I went a few months ago there and saw the above. The resort is one of the most beautifull resorts in Romania, and the monitor - keyboard in the nature settings has a nice feeling to it.

vineri, 6 ianuarie 2017


It could be better if we didn't have to keep double click on a laid building just that the pointer transforms and than be used on the below bar, to choose something.
When the pointer transforms, moving on the map doesen't work. Only when you hold a building type on screen works.
Buildings have no name by hovering the mouse pointer over them.
Buttons are not named by hovering the mouse pointer over them.
Sound is only a click type and music is only in the begining, not ingame.
Animation and graphics ingame are good, but you have to have imagination.

I will follow a type of review as below .
game jetpack christmas

Buttons from A to Z vs Blog Archive

I have to follow a different approach. The few games that i reviewed will go on the right, on the Blog Archive. It is easy to find there and click, than to click only on the buttons from A to Z, above. Of course that you must click buttons from A to Y, to find the game review you want, but try booth ways. When you will click buttons from A to Y to fing a review, you will find link named, like now on button C, you find the game Caesar.