duminică, 24 decembrie 2017

Happy Holidays !

Happy Holidays !


Game: Connector
Developer: Robert Brown
Publisher: Robert Brown
Year: 1998
Genre: Strategy
Players: single hot-seat or vs computer

I played v.0.1. Connector is a Connect 4 recreation. You put pieces in a line on either direction to
block the other player and win.
This game doesn't have sounds, but doesen't need to.
And if you enjoy this perfect game, i recomend going to the developer
site. There you can find more game and Kingpin mods.

Dosboxturbo config :

mount d: /storage/sdcard1/dos/
cd connect

Controls :
Left and right d-pad to move
Space bar as X on d-pad to drop connect pieces

Cycles :

marți, 19 decembrie 2017

Block-Man 1

Game: Block-Man 1
Developer: Doug and Larry Murk from Soleau Software
Publisher: Soleau Software
Year: 1993
Genre: Platform
Players: single

I played v. 1.0, shareware.
The graphics are simple, like in Mario, but effective.
The player must put different blocks and climb them
to reach the exist, but is not that simple. Enable pc speaker in dosbox turbo.
If you don't use ,,auto,, on cycles, the player will move slow, the backround
flames quicker. Change to keyboard to use different
commands, like instructions etc. Esc command exits
to dos and cd d command put me in the last level again, but
anything you write do this. Just exit dosbox turbo with its exit button.

Dosboxturbo config :

mount d: /storage/sdcard1/dos/
cd bman

Controls :

Use the d-pad.
Left, right to move
Down to pick up and put down
Up to climb up

Cycles :