sâmbătă, 10 noiembrie 2018

We are in Patreon

You can suport us in Patreon if you want and you will see topics that will be posted there only. Just click the upper right link.

luni, 30 iulie 2018

CWSDPMI needed for some ms-dos games

You can get it from me, here :
Or read about it here :
My download is from the below link, but now the link cannot be accesed from theyr site and recently, archive.org :

sâmbătă, 28 iulie 2018

DeadCold added info

To see the controls, choose ? in the keyboard when you are not in landscape mode, Esc to close the list. x is different than X.

Q QuitGame
X SaveGame

If you want to save the game, SaveGame works if you put Default writen in deadcold.cfg
A SAVEGAME folder will be made with G.txt in it if your character was named G
G.txt will contain lines of text made of numbers and the ingame line which refers to the ship, can be found in it.