vineri, 4 august 2017

The carrom project

I made some videos about my carrom project. The written information i will post here or in another topic.
I updated this topic with this video playlist link :
DIY Carrom
Only if my cat won't interfere
42 cm board, without center drawing yet and laquer
 He is watching ...

Carrom DIY

marți, 30 mai 2017

Toys and toys modding

As the upper little button say, i will present here toys and toys modding. I will start presenting a carrom board i make.

sâmbătă, 25 martie 2017


Program: Digism
Developer: Ken Silverman
Publisher: Ken Silverman
Platform : Dos
Year: 1993
Genre: sound converter/player

It is a dos program that converts/play .sm and .snd files, which are sound files, to .wav files, another sound files.

 Controls :

- Use the keyboard

Cycles :

- auto