sâmbătă, 21 martie 2020

Sci-fi/steampunk art in Iași Botanical Garden, Romania

                                                                          Cătălina Secu - Sinoptic

                                                                   Diana Condurache - Huge Love

                                                                      Călin Pîrîială - Primul Dar

marți, 25 februarie 2020

Loonies 8192

Game: Loonies 8192
Developer: Thomas Pearl (thp)
Publisher: itch.io
Year: 27-01-2019
Genre: puzzle
Players: single


The music is catchy, but repetitive.When you stay click left or right d-pad before you click anything, the menu will change colors.
In the game, you must make lines of the same color.
For example, 3 bubbles up and below. A line from the left part of the screen will start removing the bubbles, if the condition are met.

Warning :
In Audio Device, choosing midi, freezes the game.
You must click down in the virtual keyboard to exit the info text
in the game.
You need MSCDEX for better music in game. Better music from the below link (game included).


Dosbox turbo config :

mount d: /storage/sdcard1/dos/
cd LOON8R50

Controls :
Up, left and right d-pad to move position and down to hurry down
Use enter as X on d-pad to drops faster. X can be used to enter
different options.

Cycles :

vineri, 21 februarie 2020

Tiger 1 tank r.c. moding (part 1)

                                                                     Roadwheel and track






Where green electrical tape are in place, the barrel and commander hatch are removed.
Sandpaper of 800 or 1000 are used, to remove the part which were not part of the Tiger, in real life.

miercuri, 23 octombrie 2019

Extracting System Shock pallete and using Pixly on android

You must read first here :

                                             Click edit and you will get some options.

Rename pallete

Switch colors
When you click a color on the right, it will highlight
and change on the left.

                                                                Auto-organize colors

                                                                         Here, R.G.B.

The above drawing was made with the Kingpin : Life of crime .pal file.
The file extracted is from the System Shock forum.
 System Shock forum
Thank you, Gawain.

marți, 22 octombrie 2019

Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games (16-02-2017 test)

                                                              Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

The game takes you to experience the life of mercenaries in single player mode, it has multiplayer too, which is interesting. The graphics reminds me of Sudden Strike, for some reason. If you like turn based strategy games, you will like this.
Sounds are good, but sometimes the music has a high pitch which is rather annoying.
Using setsound.exe works, but every time, only right before or after starting a mission, the sound volume must be raised from none to which you prefer. Thus, the voice mission sound long before the mission starts, cannot be heard.
Animations and sound are fluid.

This was among the first game review, different from what how i do it now.