joi, 12 septembrie 2019

Pushing down/side/up a bracket from a 478 socket

I found a pc outside and i could only push down/side and up a bracket from the 478 socket. The second bracket below the first it is easy to remove (not shown in the video), but the 3 and 4 tend to keep push down the first bracket again at random.
I had to remove the motherboard without removing the power cable and restart/sound cables etc. to acces the other two brackets and remove them from the CPU.
You just put the motherboard on some paper pieces, on a parquet board, which sits on the horizontal PC tower (not shown in the video).

I got inspired by the below video, but it is rather low in light and with some mistakes (He/she dind't explained the moves etc.)
Installation and removal of obsolete Intel S478 heatsink

joi, 8 august 2019

Using a mouse (Marvo Scorpion M302) with Wii console

I have a Marvo Scorpion M302. In the Wii console, using The Homebrew Channel with dosbox, the speed depends on your dosbox .cfg.
In this game, Blood and magic, right click enters a mission.

Make a miniature cape

 Using a flat hand file, file your crammed paper.

The random cape can be used for your miniature or used as a rug. Toughen it up with dilluted white glue (not showned here) and let it dry.

vineri, 10 mai 2019

Rotating type toy

I only kept the small parts, which have metal bits (the metal small rods inside). I can use them on a keychain or if i
i put a magnet with its polarity somehow, will make the plastic toy head to move.