vineri, 2 octombrie 2015

More memory vs little memory

Some games, like Lunar Command, need 16 mb for the memory. If you put more, like 64, it doesn't know what to do and gives you an error.

Dosbox turbo googleplay review

A older review i made in the past :

Seems difficult at first, but if you ever played a dos game trough dosbox, you know what are you doing. The author explains very well in his site what you have to do. First time my sound wasn't working due to ... my volume being muted :) from the smarthphone buttons. Cleared a Doom game level without problems thus far. Gonna try multiplayer trough bluetooth connection between two smartphones. Don't know if trough wi-fi, a multiplayer connection can be made.

How to map keys from within dosbox manager

Don't forget if you want to map keys from whitin dosbox manager, keys which belongs to GamePad, go to GamePad - GamePad Settings and uncheck Dosbox turbo/Xbox 360 from GamePad program.