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Jetpack Christmas Special

Game: Jetpack Christmas Special
Developer: Adam Pedersen
Publisher: Software Creations
Platform : Dos
Year: 1993
Genre: Platform game
Players: single - multiplayer

This game, being within a Christmas tematic, it plays differently than the original game. You colect presents and not gems. You have to watch Santa scream in agony if you fail the level. The game has a level editor wich you can make levels.

Dosboxturbo config example :

mount d: /storage/sdcard1/dos/
cd dooms

Controls :
- dirrectional key with the d-pad. You can use "Y" as a on the d-pad as a crate destroy weapon and "x" as jetpack, who destroy crates. He doesen't use the fuel of the jetpack.
The enemies know, at least the robot, were you are, which, is annoyng. I was in the first level and if i were not using the jetpack, the robot enemy was circle around my spot. It doesen't mean the levels cannot be beaten.

Cycles :
- 2000 or less

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