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Server hosting and joining in ipx and netbios

Server hosting and guest by UDP/IP for IPX emulation and opening server ports :

Fascination for dos commands occurs by using them ! :)
It is a different matter to use in some lines used for dosbox turbo than the plain dosbox. sdcard1 line may be different to you. Use a program to explore your phone and find out. I figured out, by myself, how to change the lines corectly. Dos users and comunity lead me to a better understanding off dos commands.
I use, without advertising the program, Jota Text Editor. GamePad Keyboard or your keyboard is used.
I will now explain using a server/joining and netbios file.

First, in Dosbox.conf file find :
default "false"
In both machines, host and server put :
As i mentioned before, every game will have a cfg file. Do the above ipx=true for the game to.
Lets take doom.cfg for example.
When you enter dosbox turbo manager and make a profile, rename it like the cfg will be. You will make the cfg file (copy and rename/modify another one), after you exit dosbox turbo manager. At the end inside every cfg file, a blank space is left. cd dooms command switches to your folder, doom is your executable.
You can use dosbox turbo manager to control better visually. Or dosbox turbo, just to write in what you want. Or modify your cfg file.

Example in a cfg file, whic is a text file in your phone :

mount d: /storage/sdcard1/dos/
cd dooms
ipxnet startserver 1025
-------------------------You could write than for example ipxnet startserver 1025 in autoexec line in dosbox.cfg or within dosbox turbo program.
Next remember the following (i know simlife doesen't have multiplayer, but the line remained in the cfg file) :
For the host machine start server :
ipxnet startserver 1025

For the machine ping :
ipxnet ping

See "ping" with ipxnet ping. A "Sending broadcast ping :" message will apear. Without any info below it. With info on speed/ping if someone connects to you only.
For the host machine stop server :
ipxnet stopserver
For the guest machine connect :
ipxnet connect 1025

For the machine status :
ipxnet status
For guest machine disconnect :
ipxnet disconnect
------------------------------ is your phone IP address, which you can find it, at least in my phone, in "About phone" - "Status".

1025 is your port (put any above 1024, if 1024 doesen't work).

ipxnet startserver 1025 will show the below message :

IPX Tunneling Server started

ipxnet status will show the below message :
Server status: ACTIVE
Client status: CONNECTED -- Server at port 1025
List of active connections: from port 41059

The above client connection message shows even if a client is not connected and it is only you. Maybe is a bug, but this doesen't matter.

ipxnet disconnect will show the following message, even if no one was connected to you in the first place :
IPX Tunneling utility for DosBox
Net bios :

Net bios.exe is a protocol, like IPX, but older.
Some games, like Hammer of the gods, cannot detect this.
Heroes of might and magic is detecting it and using it. But either you use another netbios or dos game version, it is possible that will not work. Because they are games which were problematic in dos and are problematic in dosbox/dosbox turbo too.

Example for hosting :

mount d: /storage/sdcard1/dos/
mount e /storage/sdcard1/dos/heroes2 -t cdrom
cd heroes2
ipxnet startserver 1025
Example for joining :

mount d: /storage/sdcard1/dos/
mount e /storage/sdcard1/dos/heroes2 -t cdrom
cd heroes2
ipxnet connect 1025

Thank you for reading the above ! Any questions just ask. Thanks ADG for the Dos disease :)

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