vineri, 21 noiembrie 2014

GamePad with virtual keyboard and dpad

Either way, you can modify in dosbox turbo or dosbox manager, the above info. Hold your game icon a few seconds, click edit config and than, "button/controller maps". Select a "keycode_button", but than you can click on the "dpad arrows" for you to choose another one. Than, click "Select DOS Key Mapping" for choosing "SPACE". So, a "keycode_dpad_up" is corelated with "SPACE" for example. Prior, GamePad must be installed only, for dosbox turbo and dosbox manager. Just click the keyboard drawing on top right and swipe for dpad or keyboard. Or swipe and choose from the menu on the left. And if you don't use those, you may use the virtual keyboard for firefox or whatever browser you choose, after instaling a browser, in your android machine.

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