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Multiplayer dos games list

Here, before i will test, review any dos games on my smartphone with dosbox turbo, i will post any links found, of multiplayer dos games. The below list, for example shows, beside the games, the network communications protocol. They are a set of rules for the PC machines, that they can communicate wich each other, for multiplayer games.

==  Multiplayer Options : IPX   ==
Games marked with this attribute can network with 4 or more computers on an IPX network (presumably running Novell) to enable multiplayer gameplay.

==  Multiplayer Options : Null-modem cable  ==
A null-modem cable is a serial cable with pins 2 and 3 reversed at one end. Connecting this cable between two computers allows them to communicate easily. Games that support null-modem cables can obviously only network between two computers.
Null-modem cable

       ==  NetBIOS  ==


Multiplayer Options : PBeM (Play-by-E-mail)
Games marked as PBeM (Play by Email) allows to be played via Email. The game must support such an option directly; manually mailing hotseat save games does not count as PBeM.
 Play by email

Multiplayer Options : Same/Split-Screen Multiplayer
Support for multiple players to play on the same gaming screen to play a non-turn-based multi-player game. This only applies to "real-time" games, such as action or arcade games.
Same screen

Of course, in dosbox turbo, a player will see on its own screen, what the other player do. The same with the other.

Multiplayer Options : Internet
Games marked with this attribute can network with 2 or more systems running a TCP/IP stack to enable multiplayer gameplay over the Internet.

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